Central six initiatives "blood transfusion" PV industry implementation details will be introduced

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Seriously ill ridden domestic photovoltaic industry is ushering in a new round of "blood transfusion" treatment. June 14 meeting of the State Council executive meeting, the introduction of heavy to promote the healthy development of photovoltaic industry, the six support measures. Strong policy support, so that the industry is excited, the PV industry usher in a new turning point has become a consensus.

"The six support measures introduced by the meeting more detailed and specific, that the state of the photovoltaic industry to support the healthy development of a positive attitude from the spirit of the implementation of the State Council, I predict the next step relevant state departments and enterprises will introduce more detailed, Specific implementation details. "China Renewable Energy Society Meng Xianggan, vice chairman of the" China Electric Power News, "an interview with reporters said.

"Combination of boxing" worth the wait

"China's photovoltaic industry is currently facing the problem requires the state from the external and internal competitive development environment to solve this time the State Council executive meeting of the photovoltaic industry policy deployment is for some time ago the international market pressure and the domestic PV industry's own development needs High-level coordination. "Yingli Green Energy Holdings Limited public relations director Liang Tian told the" China Electric Power News, "an interview with reporters, said the meeting is exploratory policy in the last year has begun to show results based on the refinement, but also more targeted Sexual and systematic.

The Mengxian Gan pointed out that the face of the current development of the PV industry dilemma, but also urgent need for the introduction of more specific national support measures. "Including photovoltaic power generation tariffs, subsidies, quota system and other issues are the focus of the industry, but for various reasons, and now does not form a unified opinion.Through this meeting, the state will certainly in these areas to increase efforts to form a consensus "Meng said, industry favorable policies or will accelerate the introduction of" support policies will be implemented as soon as possible, landing. "" These six measures is a combination of boxing, the implementation will certainly have a good effect. "Liang Tian said.

The executive meeting of the State Council's support measures related to planning, grid, price policy, subsidies, financial measures, are recognized as the industry's current development of the fetters of PV "ills." The introduction of six initiatives aimed at removing ills, for the PV industry out of the woods help.

At the beginning of this month, the Law Enforcement Inspection Team of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress went to Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and Gansu to inspect and commissioned the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of some provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to inspect the implementation of the Renewable Energy Law respectively. The purpose of this study is to check the implementation and implementation of the Renewable Energy Law, find outstanding problems affecting the development of renewable energy, and further promote the sustainable and healthy development of the renewable energy industry from the aspects of perfecting laws and policies.

With the introduction of supporting policies for grid enterprises, the issue of "expanding the scale of renewable energy fund and guaranteeing the timely payment of the subsidy for distributed PV power generation" will also become the future of the relevant departments in accordance with the "Renewable Energy Law" Urgent need to improve the focus.

The domestic market is the recovery of the industry

Six measures by the industry as China's photovoltaic industry, "two out" situation a strong response. "The government has recognized that despite the considerable international competitiveness of the PV industry in China, the response to foreign markets is only one aspect, more importantly, stimulate the effective demand of the domestic market." Liang Tian said that since the photovoltaic "double reverse" Has been emphasized to stimulate the domestic market applications. "In fact, relying solely on foreign markets can only make the photovoltaic industry has become fragile, can not withstand any blow." This year, with the overall pick up of the PV industry and the domestic market gradually open, some capacity to be released. In the grid after the introduction of supporting policies, some of the distributed PV projects are flourishing around the building.

In this case,

At the same time, with the expansion of photovoltaic industry scale and application cost reduction, while stimulating the domestic market, emerging markets have also been opened up. Japan, Latin America and other emerging markets has also become the first half of the main positions of some photovoltaic enterprises.

Mengxian Gan said, open up the domestic market is the fundamental recovery of photovoltaic industry, can not over-reliance on emerging markets. "Some emerging markets, while easing the urgent needs of the current industry, but when their domestic business interests are damaged, no one can guarantee that they will not introduce trade protection measures." Mengxian Gan pointed out that, in addition to further opening up, improve the domestic market, Should also continue to improve their core competitiveness, "Only by mastering the core technology is the long - term development of the industry.


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