Hefei self-built roof power plant can receive the highest subsidy million

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According to Jianghuai Morning News reported that the attempt to family power generation, Hefei people Kongqing Bin is the province's first "eat crabs" people, Jianghuai Morning News on March 6 this year, "their own power to use up to sell the national grid" Exclusive coverage. After Kong Qingbin, one after another photovoltaic "enthusiasts" began to try this kind of home distributed photovoltaic power generation. Photovoltaic power generation costs are gradually reduced, but also attract factories, enterprises try to build a roof power station.

Conditional small volume building to encourage self-built roof power plant

Hefei to build large-scale public buildings, factory buildings, may have to consider the roof of the "load-bearing."

After more than a year of gestation period, on the roof of the power plant planning, the official by the Hefei municipal government to implement the views of the way to be clear. Reporters learned from the press conference yesterday, in Hefei and cooperation in building a park in line with the requirements of solar photovoltaic power generation under the premise of the new roof area of 1,000 square meters of industrial plants, large exhibition venues, commercial complexes, stadiums, airports, The construction and space of the terminals, stations, security houses, sewage treatment plants, office buildings and so on shall be designed in accordance with the requirements of building distributed roof photovoltaic power stations, and the photovoltaic power distribution room space shall be reserved according to the needs.

"Photovoltaic power plants and buildings are not necessarily synchronous construction, but in the architectural design of the time when it is necessary to take into account the pre-load-bearing design." Hefei Municipal Development and Reform Commission Chief Economist Zhu Shengli introduction, once the new residential, corporate buildings, large public Building on the roof with the construction of photovoltaic power plants, businesses and residents will be part of the realization of "self-sufficiency."

While the sunny conditions of good small volume of construction, to encourage the construction of spontaneous use of self-management of photovoltaic power generation facilities. "A set of equipment probably need to spend two or three million, and now there are six families in Hefei applied for such a distributed power station, the future may be more and more." Zhu Shengli said self-built roof power plant, up to 1 million subsidy.

Encourage self-built photovoltaic parking lot to the electric car "for rations"

With one square meter of solar water heaters, the equivalent of 180 kilograms of standard coal saved each year.

"Today, Hefei enterprises in the central and western regions have been completed 655 megawatts of generating capacity of solar photovoltaic power plants, under construction, to be built there are nearly more than 900 megawatts." Hefei Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General, Director Wang Wensong told reporters.

"Hefei area for many years the average number of sunshine in 2013 hours or so, is a basic rich solar energy resources area, with good development and utilization value." Zhu Shengli said, Hefei will encourage enterprises in accordance with the franchise model, building a single project capacity is not low In 5 megawatts of large-scale photovoltaic power plant.

In addition, Hefei also encourages enterprises and institutions to build their own photovoltaic parking, electric car charging pile, to electric vehicles for "rations."

It is worth mentioning that enterprises and institutions of the highest subsidies for photovoltaic power generation projects can get 2 million.

Central Chaohu Avenue will use photovoltaic lights

"China PV Application City", which is Hefei photovoltaic applications and industrial development set goals.

"We hope that more enterprises to go out in Hefei, also hope that the photovoltaic industry can be applied to the lives of people in Hefei." Zhu Shengli told reporters. In addition to the roof power plant, Hefei plans to use the energy of the sun to more places. "For example, street lamps, in the future replacement, solar photovoltaic, LED integrated green lighting system will be given priority." Zhu Shengli said the future Hefei city, key towns new public green space, parks, scenic lighting, and (Including traffic lights), focusing on the industrial park roads, Chaohu tourism road, scenic spots and tourist resort roads, etc., should give priority to the use of solar photovoltaic, LED integrated green lighting system.

Construction of a farmhouse roof can earn more than 2000 yuan a year

In the implementation details, the "PV countryside project" is particularly noteworthy.

"In the western region, many rural families have installed a power board, with solar energy to achieve self-sufficiency." Hefei Agricultural Commission chief agronomist Xiao Bo explained that in the city's beautiful rural demonstration sites, to build photovoltaic power generation or photovoltaic and building integration Project, in addition to the emergence of photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses, photovoltaic farms.

Xiao Bo said this year, Hefei will spend 3 million yuan, selected 5 counties (cities) in the 100 poor families in these families to install solar power generation equipment, and try to integrate into the grid.

"We initially estimated a moment, in the realization of these families for personal use, each household can still some of the electricity, the electricity into the grid can get the proceeds, it can be about 2,500 yuan." Xiao Bo said that from 2013 onwards , Hefei, county-level poverty alleviation special funds to arrange 3 million yuan each year to support more than 100 rural poor households in the construction of household photovoltaic power generation projects, post-operation and maintenance costs into the county (city) budget. Photovoltaic to the countryside and poverty alleviation on the relevant details will be introduced in the near future. (Reporter Yu Qiao Ni)


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