Hefei introduced photovoltaic power generation rules Individual can apply for "photovoltaic power station"

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Including individuals, want to establish a "photovoltaic power station" How to apply? How to grid-connected power generation? How much is the electricity bill? Hefei municipal government yesterday held a photovoltaic power generation project construction and policy funds to honor the guidelines press conference, the answer to these questions at the meeting.

If you want to install photovoltaic power generation equipment, first of all grid-connected enterprises to be submitted to the application. Hefei Municipal Development and Reform Commission Chief Economist Zhu Shengli introduction, if eligible, 25 working days access to the system program. Upon approval of the project, the main project of photovoltaic power generation project and access system construction is completed, you can put forward to the grid enterprise acceptance and grid debugging applications. Acceptance can be directly transferred to the grid through the operation.

With the "photovoltaic power station", all the electricity and electricity more than the amount of electricity will be measured online. "At present, the purchase price of 0.436 yuan per degree of power, household income from small power generation, personal application for power plants, in addition to personal income tax without additional tax." Zhu Shengli said.

For the use of photovoltaic power companies have additional electricity subsidies, "each degree of electricity have a corresponding subsidy of the state, Hefei City will also subsidize 0.25 yuan per degree." Zhu Shengli revealed that the distribution of photovoltaic power generation projects in Hefei subsidies per household For 15 years.

Yesterday, the latest report, the state of the demonstration area of distributed photovoltaic application of electricity subsidies standard tentatively 0.42 yuan per degree, so that Hefei enterprises are expected to get 0.67 yuan per kWh of electricity subsidies, "while the enterprise tariff was 0.8 yuan "Subsidies can be counted as a subsidy to 1.47 yuan, more than photovoltaic power generation costs about 1.1 yuan per degree.

Subsidies only two opportunities per year: the time is March 1 to March 10, September 1 to 10. "If the conditions are met, within one month after the acceptance of cash subsidies." Zhu Shengli said.

Reporters yesterday also learned from the meeting, Hefei is trying to become the country's first photovoltaic industrial park demonstration city. Informed sources said that Hefei will select 1-2 development zones, the first in the factory roof for the promotion of photovoltaic applications. According to the plan, to the end of the twelfth five-year plan, the city's photovoltaic power generation capacity of the project will strive to reach 500 megawatts, generating 500 million degrees per year, while last year, Hefei, all electricity consumption of 19.2 billion degrees.


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