Photovoltaic "floating on the water"

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Photovoltaic solar water heater technology in the photovoltaic industry seminar

The development trend of the national PV industry to distributed to the more obvious, the industry to explore photovoltaic and agriculture, forestry, fisheries, animal husbandry, the combination of increasing attention, February 27-28, organized by the National Development and Reform Commission Training Center, Sunshine Power And Hefei JNG co-organized by the "PV floating water surface photovoltaic technology seminar" was originally expected to attend the number of 100 people, the scene has come nearly 300 people, the heat is evident.

From the National Development and Reform Commission, the International Energy Research Institute, China Renewable Energy Society, Water and Hydropower Planning and Design Institute, Anhui Provincial Energy Bureau, design institutes and photovoltaic upstream and downstream business line leaders and experts also brought the industry needs " , So that the majority of participants also felt a worthwhile trip.

"At the time of the seminar, the number of participants far exceeded expectations, is a milestone in the industry on the surface of photovoltaic power plants in the country in an important economic transformation, the need for new scientific and technological innovation enterprises stand out to lead the industry Development, and play a greater role in the development of clean energy more and more concerned by the Government and the people, its effective use of related enterprises will bring new development opportunities. "National Development and Reform Commission Training Center Deputy Director Han Mr. Said in an interview.

Bocaizhongchang, a total of promoting the development of the industry

With the further development of photovoltaic industry and technological progress in the shallow, fish ponds, coal subsidence area of the formation of water and other areas to install photovoltaic power generation system has become a new application, to improve the utilization of water resources. As a new mode of application of photovoltaic power generation, the related technology and equipment of PV power plant are not yet mature and face many challenges, which need to be considered and resolved by the whole PV industry. Bocaizhongzhang, sharing experience, joint research, can more effectively promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry.

The National Development and Reform Commission Training Center, Sunshine Power, Hefei shaped new energy photovoltaic technology seminar organized by the industry for the PV power plant confused provides a good opportunity for industry exchanges. Through the analysis of experts to discuss the current water surface photovoltaic power plant construction of cross-border technology and operation and maintenance monitoring difficult problems, sharing and sharing of experience in the construction of surface photovoltaic power plants will help promote the enterprise PV power plant technology R & D innovation, improve product quality and manufacturing Level, and comprehensively promote the rapid development of China's surface photovoltaic power station.

Wonderful case and experience sharing

In the morning's keynote session, Mr. Zhao Yuwen, Vice President of China Renewable Energy Society, Mr. Zheng Shengan, Dean of Hydropower and Water Conservancy Planning and Design Institute, Mr. Jiang Keyong, Minister of Anhui Electric Power Design Institute and Mr. Zhao Wei, Vice President of Sunshine Power, On the surface of the development trend of photovoltaic power plants and power plant design selection done a wonderful case to share.

One of the three major challenges for the photovoltaic surface power "PID, waterproof anti-corrosion, operation and maintenance" of the large-scale photovoltaic power plant intelligent solutions have been enthusiastic response of the participating experts. At the same time with the meeting of the machine, the sun power also released the first domestic water photovoltaic high protection intelligent convergence box, with "into the water does not dip, wireless communication, flexible wiring" three bright spots, attracted the attention of experts and the media And great interest.

The pulse "PV floating on the water"

In the afternoon session of the dialogue session, the National Development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Center of the International Energy Research Institute Director Wang Jin and Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design Institute Vice President Yi Yue jointly hosted the seminar on the common concern of the national policy, the surface photovoltaic investment , The surface photovoltaic system design, equipment selection, installation and maintenance aspects of guidance, inspiration we had a lively discussion. It is generally agreed that large-scale surface photovoltaic power plant in the use of high-power centralized photovoltaic power generation system solutions is the best choice.

Topic Dialogue

Site photovoltaic power station

On the morning of the 28th, the enthusiasm of the guests unabated, the mighty nearly 200 people rushed to the Hefei new energy investment and operation of the White Lake in Anhui Province Prison Management Bureau 20MW user side PV power plant site visits, personal experience the charm of the surface of photovoltaic power plants. The power station is a typical surface photovoltaic power plant, in 2013 and completed the grid, to achieve the water power, underwater aquaculture new model, power generation and aquaculture income far more than expected. Of which 80kW for the floating photovoltaic demonstration system, is the first example of floating power plant operation.

Participants visit Hefei shaped new energy 20MW water surface photovoltaic power station

"The biggest challenge for PV plants is post-operation and maintenance of high temperature and high humidity caused by the PID attenuation problem, so pre-system design and equipment selection is particularly critical.Total consideration, we chose the sun power box inverter room solution, along Since it was built in 2013, we have passed the advanced dispatching automation system, reasonable dispatching, real-time monitoring, the power station is in good operation and there is not any trouble at present. "JNN New Energy Vice President Wu Lifeng said.

Leaving the figure, took away the harvest

"Just two days of the meeting is just a quick idea of the collision process, in the process, although not all understand the problem, but the harvest is full, with the development of PV, this event coincides with, very Thanks to the NDRC Training Center and the sun power to give us such a learning exchange opportunities, "a guest said.


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